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We spoke with Aroa Bajo

Hablamos con Aroa Bajo

We open a new section on our blog to meet inspiring mothers.

This time, we spoke with Aroa Bajo Marketing manager of Pranarom and founder of Bradhy.

What did you dream of being when you were little?
It is very curious, since I only knew as a child that I wanted to travel and always carry a briefcase or suitcase. I never focused on a specific profession, but as I got older I realized that communication, fashion and contact with companies was something that really caught my attention. Really, on a professional level, everything has been exciting, each stage has given me experience and has made me get to where I am today.

What did it feel like to be a mother for the first time?

Phew! A mix of emotions that was difficult for me to assimilate. Great responsibility, pride and fear at the same time. Months passed before I fully understood the meaning of being a mother.

What prompted you to start your project? Is it feasible to combine it with the role of being a mother?
I was really boosted by the trust my partner had in me and the project. Without your support I would not have started. It is feasible, but you have to go through some phases until you accept that everything has its times and that you cannot follow a frenetic pace if you really want to spend time with your children.

How would you sum up a perfect day in your life?
Get up, go run. Taking Jimena to school, working, meeting or having a meal with suppliers or collaborators who really add and always elevate you. Arriving home, sharing the ritual of bathing and dinner with the family and if I can end the day meditating, it really is a day 10.

Do you have pre-loved pieces in your closet?
Yes, I have and lately I'm getting into it, I live next to a second-hand market and you find real wonders.

What advice would you give your children?
Let them dream big and do what makes them happy.

Who inspires you?
Complicated because I am really inspired by many people, moments and places.
I love Anine Bing at a business level. If I have to highlight IG profiles I really like @anoukyve @emsweels @sassadeo @jmaumau, among some profiles.
Places that Formentera may be one of my refuges
But if I had to highlight something that inspires me, it is going for a run , mobilizing my body and energy is essential for my head to work.

Thanks Aroa!

You can follow her on her Instagram profile @aroab_

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