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The new NEW

It is evident that children grow at a constant speed, especially in the first two years, where it is estimated that they can wear up to seven different sizes.

This fact, translated into clothing, also means an endless wardrobe renewal, and an accumulation of garments that barely reach a year of life. According to a study by The Guardian, two out of three parents admit to having bought items they have only used once.

This panorama reflects the overproduction and consumerism that we have become accustomed to, forgetting the consequences that these impacts have on the environment and the future.

To do this, we join circularity as an engine of growth and change. We are going to give more life to the products that are already on the market, which are good, of quality and design and that deserve to continue rotating.

Authenticated Items

Each garment we receive goes through a rigorous authentication process to ensure its condition and brand.


All our garments are washed so that they arrive at your home in the best conditions.


We free up the space in your closet to give your clothes a second chance.

Second Hand Lovers