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How to decorate a children's room?

¿Cómo decorar una habitación infantil?

The space where the little ones sleep, rest and play should be a place that invites the imagination. To decorate it successfully and make it your favorite place, we have collected 5 tips that will help you build it.

1. Think of a corner to play

As we said, a children's room has to stimulate children's creativity. Being able to play well is essential. To do this, when distributing the furniture, it is important to leave a central space or corner free. You can put a soft rug on it so they can lay out toys and sit comfortably.

2. Avoid clutter

We know that children love to touch, especially when they are younger. So that the room does not become daily chaos, we recommend that you put soft boxes to organize toys, books, colors, etc. It is essential that everything has its place and that it is within reach of children so that they can access and clean it in an easier and more autonomous way. In this way, it will be much faster for children to advance in their development.

3. Neutral colors and minimalist prints

We must not forget that the main function of the room is rest and, at these ages, it is appreciated that everything invites relaxation. In this sense, it can help you to have walls in neutral tones such as cream or even papers with minimalist prints. Textiles and accessories should match, to achieve visual uniformity.

4. Create reading habits

Encouraging reading from the beginning can become a point in your favor. To do this, we must find a special place for their favorite and accessible stories so that they can read whenever they feel like it. Likewise, we can put a comfortable and special chair to be able to settle in with them and associate the habit more easily.

5. Don't forget security

To make your room a safe place, it is important to take into account all the sockets and those dangerous corners of furniture that may be susceptible to small accidents.

Below we leave you some images to inspire you and be able to build this magical space where children and adults will spend a lot of time.

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