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Why is the second hand important?

¿Por qué es importante la segunda mano?


This 2023 could be a good year to venture into the world of second-hand . Although perhaps we are not used to it and it is our first time selling or buying pre-loved items, the truth is that this way of consuming has thousands of advantages that make it unique and special.

At LINO we tell you some of the reasons why second-hand is important and together we start making more responsible and sustainable decisions .

  • The first reason is that it supports the circular economy . Producing items, especially clothing, involves using more than 90 billion cubic meters of water, of which many of the tons that are manufactured are forgotten in the closet. With second hand, we ensure that we give them a second chance and avoid generating waste and producing if there is no need.
  • The second reason, linked to the previous one, is that we prevent clothes from going to landfills like the one found in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Currently, thousands of nature reserves around the world are used as garbage points due to their extensive surfaces. However, the tons of waste in their disintegration process release gases that consequently cause environmental damage in the environments they are in.

  • And this excess of product and pollution can be reduced with more conscious consumption . If we stop to think about it, in most cases, when we buy we are not doing it out of necessity, but out of a desire to own something new. Buying second-hand we can feel exactly the same, but “using” something “new” that has actually already been used previously.
  • As point four, second hand is also unique because it allows you to find different and special pieces . You can find items from past seasons, limited editions or brands you didn't know about.
  • Furthermore, the most beautiful thing is that without realizing it, by consuming second-hand you are lengthening the history of that piece, you are welcoming it to another life.
  • Lastly, and also important in current times of inflation, the second hand allows us to save and buy better in what we really want to invest in and last over time.

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