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4 Tips for changing your wardrobe

4 Tips para el cambio de armario

1. Schedule the time for the wardrobe change

Before starting what for some may seem like a chaotic and stressful activity, we must consider the most appropriate time to change our wardrobe. It is best to reserve a whole morning or afternoon on the weekend where we are relaxed and have enough time to start and finish the task . To avoid panic, it is better to make the kids' closet one day and yours another.

2. Take everything out of the closet and organize the clothes you are going to keep, sell or recycle

To make the wardrobe change a success, start by removing all the clothes, accessories and shoes from the drawers, shelves or hangers and organize them above the bed by:

  • What you are going to save. First of all, make sure these clothes will still fit you next season. If this is the case or you have siblings who can use it, wash it and put it in storage bags so that it doesn't take up too much. Place it on the sofa or on top of the cabinets and see you next year!
  • What is timeless and should return to the closet: underwear, belts, hair accessories...
  • What you are going to sell. As we said, children grow very quickly and it is very likely that these clothes will not fit them next spring or summer. A good option to get some savings and be more sustainable and conscious is to sell it on second-hand platforms like LINO. How to sell in LINO?
  • What you are going to throw away or recycle. When clothes are torn or very damaged, it is best to throw them away or recycle them to make a craft.

3. Take out the clothes from the fall-winter season and organize them

It's time to put out the fall-winter clothes!

First of all, we will have to repeat the previous process a little. As we mentioned, children's growth varies a lot throughout the year and the clothes that we perhaps saved last year may no longer fit them.

To do this, before we get to work filling drawers and closets, spend a little time letting the little ones try on the clothes. To make it a little more fun and entertaining, you can have a model show or a competition to see who finishes first. Remember, this step is necessary to put clothes back into the closet that you will actually use.

Once we are clear about the clothes we are keeping, we will begin to organize each child's space by type of clothing so that day-to-day life is easier. Make sure that the closet you have can be classified and has shelves, drawers and bars to store everything we have in a visible and practical way.

A trick for storing clothes is to fold them vertically, so that they are visible, but take up as little space as possible. Use drawers, dividers, hooks and labels to achieve perfect order so that the little ones can be independent when dressing.

4. Make the shopping list

Next, make a list of all the clothes you will need this year as a result of those that you have outgrown. This way you will avoid buying unnecessary items on impulse. One option for this season is to bet on the second hand. You can check out LINO's curated selection here .

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